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Getting Google AdSense Setup

I know this topic doesn’t necessarily relate to Magento or Salesforce specifically, yet I feel that it is important to this overall project. As I am making progress on this project I would like to see how effective Google ads can be at possibly paying for my hosting fees. Since I already have Google AdSense setup for youtube monetization I started to look in to setting up this wordpress site with at least one ad. Here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Logged in to Google AdSense
  2. Clicked on the gear in the upper right corner and went to settings
  3. Clicked on Access and Authorization in the side menu
  4. Entered in “”
  5. Submitted for approval

After about 15 hours I got an email saying that my site has been approved.

Unfortunately I seem to have ran in to a roadblock though. When i log in to my Google AdSense account I get a message saying:

Your account is just one step away from being fully activated.
Click the button below and you’ll be guided through these last actions on your end:
  • You’ve successfully created an ad unit
  • Place the ad code on
Place the ad code
We’ll take it from here.
Once you’ve completed your last steps, you can sit back and relax. We’ll get to work on the last step on our end for full activation of your account. When we’re done, we’ll send you an email to let you know.

This seems to be a problem since you obviously cannot add code to After searching around on the internet it appears that the best thing you can do is to be patient.  For now I am just going to wait and see what happens. I will be revisiting this blog with any updates as I feel that other people might benefit from my experience.

Update August 15th 2014

I am still waiting for my approval to go through. After a week of nothing happening I went on to the Adsense forums to look for help. It turns out that this is a fairly common issue. I posted a new thread to see if I could get any help.  It seems as though Google has some internal employees who monitor the forums. A day later I had a Google employee say that they would escalate my issue to their support team. It has been almost a week now and I am still waiting.

Update August 19th 2014 – Success!

Finally I got confirmation over the Adsense forums that the Google technical team had resolved any issues with my account. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was just time that resolved this issue or me posting on the forums, but it took exactly three weeks to get approved.

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