Deciding on Features and Functionality

Progress is being made on the core of the application. I have OAuth functioning, thanks to some help from the SFDC OAuth Playground project. With the exclusion of some error handling I already have a library communicating with Magento’s REST API. Lastly, I’ve proven the concept of transferring data between Magento and Salesforce. Now the difficult questions are starting to pop up:

  • What to use as a trigger for the synchronization?
    • Button (Manual)
    • Scheduled Task (Automated)
    • Both
  • What data to synchronize and in which direction?
    • Orders / Opportunities
    • Customers / Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Products
    • Inventory Values
  • How dynamic to make the integration?
    • Allow the user to select which fields are mapped
    • Allow the user to enable and disable certain functionality
    • How resilient to make each function?
      • For example, if you are trying to import an order from Magento in to Salesforce and a product from the order does not yet exist in Salesforce should it be automatically created or fail?

As much as I would like to accommodate all of the features listed above I feel that I may never complete the project if I try to take on everything.

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